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Mayo Clinic Parotid Tumor Guide Videos

The Mayo Clinic Parotid Tumor Guide video series features the Parotid Patient Project's Executive Director, Heidi Semann, and her Head and Neck Surgeon, Eric J. Moore, M.D., as they discuss all aspects of this parotid tumor journey from diagnosis to recovery.

These videos were filmed to help provide patients with current and trusted information, so they can make informed decisions about their own medical care.

Video 1- Preparing for Your First ENT Appointment
Video 2- Diagnostic Testing for Parotid Tumors
Video 3- Parotid Tumor Surgery
Video 4- Parotid Tumor Surgery at Mayo Clinic
Video 5- Recovery from Parotid Surgery
Video 6- Recurrence of Parotid Tumors
Video 7- Parotid Tumor Types and Treatment Options
Video 8-Heidi's Parotid Tumor Journey
Video 9- Recovery and Wound Care after Parotid Surgery