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General Anesthesia

It is common for parotid patients to be given general anesthesia when they have surgery. It is normal for patients to have questions and concerns about general anesthesia, especially if a patient has never had surgery before having a parotid tumor removed.

Patients should discuss their concerns about general anesthesia with their medical team and ask questions about the process to learn more about what will happen when general anesthesia is administered. 

Understanding the process and learning about all the safety measures in place to protect patients can help alleviate some of the anxiety and fear experienced by patients as they prepare for surgery.

You can learn more about general anesthesia in our podcast series, Parotid Tumor Podcast. The podcast episode about general anesthesia will explain how the process works, discuss the safety measures taken by doctors who administer anesthesia, and it will provide some tips on things patients can do to help alleviate their stress and anxiety before going into the operating room.

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